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My personal Spring-2010 anime chart - Part 2

My personal Spring-2010 anime chart - Part 2
23 May 2010 16:36:21

Now when new anime season is in full swing, we can come to some conclusions about “must watch” and “drop for sure” titles.
I made my choices too and now present you my personal Spring-2010 anime chart.

And well… what was meant to be a brief review turned into a rather huge article! >_< So I decided to divide it in two parts. Part 1 - here - was dedicated to the first paragraph of my chart:

1. Watch for sure, most likely to become my personal classics

In Part 2 I'll cover everything else (3 paragraphs). So~

2. Watching, seems rather decent so far

Angel Beats!

I guess Angel Beats! is supposed to become a hit of the season. I took this series with some reluctance. Afterlife, schoolgirls with guns, bright hair colors… doesn’t seem to be my type of anime.

But after Tatami Galaxy and Arakawa under the bridge I surely wanted “traditional” anime. And, surprisingly, I loved the first ep of the show.

Characters are really nice, even the minor ones have their distinctive traits, so I don’t confound them, as it usually happens;) First eps were loaded with action, had a nice pace and delivered some good comic relief.
Visuals are outstanding, a little CG, bright colors, nice camera angles. And – more – I totally loved the song that was performed in the first ep (I don’t mean op and ed themes)!

Unfortunately, by 4th episode series’ pace became slower. I can’t say Angel Beats! are now boring, but they are somehow on the borderline of being boring. I really hope it is just a temporary fluctuation, cause it happens even to the best shows ever. So I’m watching it, thought I’m not REALLY anxious to see every new ep.

Oh, and BTW. I’ve seen some ranting about Angel Beats! main characters being clones of Haruhi’s. IMO they are not. AB is totally different in terms of mood, pace and theme. So what if Yuri, the main girl, wears a ribbon on her temporal fossa^___^?

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Decent shojo romantic comedy. Nothing outstanding, no fresh news, but decent. Nice visuals, nice heroine. Nuff said, I guess^__^

3. Don’t know, probably dropping

Arakawa Under The Bridge

One more crazy title of this spring. Pure Japanese absurd comedy. It has much in common with manzai, Japanese stand-up comedy. This genre usually involves two performers: a straight man (tsukkomi) and a funny man (boke)—trading jokes at great speed (Wiki quote^^).
Thing is, in Arakawa Under The Bridge there are PLENTY of boke and just one tsukkomi. In fact, our poor tsukkomi nii-chan found himself in a village of boke.

And so it goes: queers and freaks say or do something unexpected, and the hero screams, cries and collapses. It’s okay for 5 or 10 minutes, but after that… exhausting.

And more experimental visuals, much like Tatami Galaxy. But TG has great characters and great story, so I take the challenge, and watch it. After 2 eps of Arakawa Under The Bridge I hadn’t got a clue why should I continue.
But in titles such as this are unpredictable. So, maybe someday, when I’ll be very very bored, I’ll give Arakawa Under The Bridge one more chance. After all, the main girl, Nino, is extremely cute.

The Night Raid

30th, Shanghai, special agents with supernatural powers. Boring. Boring. Boring. Well, it could’ve been fun. More action, probably instead of talking. Or better characters. But I still don’t know, maybe it was just the first ep. I may give this series a chance.

4. Dopp'd without further ado


It really sounded interesting. I like real dramas, and that “explicit content” tag at the very beginning of the first episode intrigued me.
But what I’ve seen was a tearjerker. Hate tearjerkers, over-dramatic and too simple to reflect real life. And it’s really obvious from the start, who’s gonna die with drama-drama-DRAMA at the end.
So I dropped it. But, then again, I hope to hear 5 or 6 weeks later that I was mistaken and try to watch Rainbow again.


I don’t even know why I started. Maybe some temporary clouding of consciousness :P KissxSis
represent everything I hate in anime. This semi-erotic attitude IMO is much worse then your plain straightforward hentai.
I guess KissxSis was meant to be some kind of comedy, but for me it is just plain stupid.

So, that is all for now ^___^
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