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Top 20 Anime Songs 2009
Yeah, so it might be kind of late, but I’ve wanted to do a favorite anime songs list for 2009 for a while now. I watched a lot of anime in 2009. I was still running my anime screenings at Hollom...
21 Oct 2010 22:58
pluvia33, USA
Review: Good Smile Company’s Inaba Yui
Mmmm sprinkled donut... *drools* erm.. Inaba Yui by Good Smile Company, cute, suprises but not perfect. Those would be the 3 words I'd use to describe this figure.
21 Oct 2010 09:00
Aka, Canada
Arrival: Counting by Scale
I'm going to start off by saying, I had no idea 1/5th scale would be as large as it is. It seems monsterous next to every other figure.
16 Oct 2010 04:00
Aka, Canada
Review: Megahouse’s Kasugano Sora
With the start of Yosuga no Sora this season along with Tier's demands I'll be reviewing Megahouse's Kasugano Sora. For a girl of her size she's certainly got the hips!
11 Oct 2010 22:00
Aka, Canada
On Order: Good Smile Company Saber Alter ~Iron Hammer of the Terrible King Vortigern~
Longest title yet? I think so! This was a must after Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~, I think one day I'll need to get around to playing the Fate/Stay Night franchise as well. Is there an import of that?
05 Oct 2010 15:30
Aka, Canada
On Order: Phat Company Lily
Over the passed month I've been telling myself that I need to stop buying figures and save money. There are many reasons for this, but it seems I'm ignoring all of them having just ordered my 5th figu...
01 Oct 2010 14:30
Aka, Canada
On Order: Alter Tainaka Ritsu
Ritsu, the one and only K-On girl I plan to purchase and she comes with drums! Guitars are so over done these days, drums are in.
28 Sep 2010 21:30
Aka, Canada
On Order: Wave Misaka Mikoto (Swimsuit Ver.)
What a childish swimsuit you're wearing Misaka, frills everywhere. It's adorable. While your competition style swimsuit might better suit someone your age, this one is not without it's charms.
28 Sep 2010 21:00
Aka, Canada
On Order: Wave Shikinami Asuka Langley (Apron ver.)
I've given in, I couldn't resist her tsundere cues, despite her pricy-ness for her size. Wave's Shikinami Asuka Langley (Apron ver.) is just too cute not to order.
28 Sep 2010 06:00
Aka, Canada
On Order: Alpha Max Maaryan (Take-off ver.)
Immediately after seeing this figure posted on AmiAmi for such a reasonable price from Alpha Max, I pounced.
28 Sep 2010 05:30
Aka, Canada
Review: Kotobukiya’s Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière
It's been so long since I blamed someone for making me buy a figure, but today I have someone to blame. *raises his fist up like Stephen Colbert* Rico!!!!
13 Sep 2010 23:00
Aka, Canada
Tokyopop Anger!
So there are 4 days left for a RightStuf sale on Tokyopop manga. I checked my order history to see if there were any new series that I was collecting which I may be able to pre-order some newly listed...
10 Sep 2010 21:56
pluvia33, USA
Arrival: Max Factory’s Black Rock Shooter (figma)
New arrival to my slowly growing collection of figmas, Max Factory's Black ★ Rock Shooter (figma). Yet I feel disappointed...
09 Sep 2010 09:00
Aka, Canada
The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
I don't really do music here, but Arcade Fire's really outdone themselves with The Suburbs. I can't stop listening and feel compelled to share.
09 Sep 2010 01:00
Aka, Canada
Photography: Mosport
Remember when I used to feature car stuff here? No? Me neither, but the navigation bar tells me I otherwise. However unlike the past this post should be slightly more interesting.
01 Sep 2010 04:00
Aka, Canada
Konata and Kagami Beach Queens
Today, the second of the two anime figurine pre-orders that I had planned for the summer arrived at my house today. This time, the order consisted of...
29 Aug 2010 08:32
ToonAddict, USA
On Order: Good Smile Company Sengoku Nadeko
Good Smile Company's Sengoku Nadeko, so so pre-ordered. Like I could help it right?
27 Aug 2010 09:33
Aka, Canada
Arrival: Native’s Shoujo S
The unmarked box. Supposedly it helps mask the items you purchase by not claiming to be anything at all, but in not claiming to be anything at all we all know what it really means.
26 Aug 2010 03:00
Aka, Canada
Arrival: Megahouse Djibril (Damaged ver.)
As far as things stand today, Djibril is the only tentacled figure I'm willing to purchase. Ever since seeing her over at foo-bar-baz she's sat on my wishlist waiting for a reasonable price.
26 Aug 2010 01:00
Aka, Canada
Death of Satoshi Kon
As usual I'm at work and I checked ANN to see if any notable news came up. I was shocked and greatly saddened to learn that one of my favorite anime directors Satoshi Kon has passed away. I reall...
24 Aug 2010 20:46
pluvia33, USA
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